Friday, August 16, 2013

Postcard Project # 15 & #16, "Whatever Happened to Bob?" and "Nobody's Wife"

 You've probably seen these images before - Anne Taintor is the designer, she's got pages of these on the internet.  I ordered a pack of 30 postcards because I love Taintor's dark, dry wit, and because I am entering a busy phase in terms of work.  I won't have the luxury of being able to make my own cards very often.

These postcard, with their 1950's images and blithe, biting commentary, immediately elicited some poetry from my deep dark past as a housewife, and I suspect, from my mother and grandmother's stories of their own housewifeliness.

Incidentally, many years ago in a workshop with poet Mimi Khalvati, writing poetry from random postcards was one of our assignments.  I really didn't like it, and the poem I produced was mediocre.  Now, however, I am thinking of giving a multi-postcard poetry assignment to my own students in the future.  Maybe even as a regular assignment, in addition to their other work.  Hmmm.  Watch out!

So:  without further ado...

#15:  "Whatever Happened to Bob?"

and #16:

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