Monday, August 19, 2013

POSTCARD PROJECT #18 & #19 "Dear Grandma" and "The Old Slave Market"

One of the best parts of the two big antique malls here in Lexington?  The bins of old postcards.  Everytime I need a little Retail Therapy, I head to one (or both, depending on the depth of my need) of these malls and just browse.  Sometimes I find something I like.  Other times I find something so incredibly funny, or offensive, that I have to buy it. 

Like #18, "Dear Grandma."  I did not write the poem here.  It is an actual postcard message.  Perhaps I can claim that I did this because Sunday was "Bad Poetry Day."  Or maybe some found poems are just too good to touch.  I did scan the card onto new paper, in part so that it was less fragile, and in part so I could erase the "To" address - it's now going to Nanaimo, B.C.  I'll add that original scan here.  Love the 3 cent Liberty postcard stamp!

Handwriting translation:

Dear "Grandma" -
Isn't this card 
cute and believe me it's
the truth.  So tired
of riding.  I've been
doing better at this
driving business.  Drove
20 miles yesterday.
Write me, hear.  I
already hate it out
here.  It stinks.

#19, "The Old Slave Market," is another antique market find.  I used the description on the back as the starting point for my poem.

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