Thursday, August 22, 2013


So I looked at this postcard for a long, long time, trying to make a list of all the different cartographic words scattered around.  Pretty soon, that list began to take on a life of its own; I began to think beneath the words on the postcard, on the map, in my head.  What would my own private map of this map look like as a poem??

Then Wordle came to my rescue.  If you haven't tried a Wordle "Word Cloud," please do!  You can play with background and font colors, font sizes and types, orientation on the page ... it's poetry, visual poetry, and sometimes very emotionally revealing poetry.


(The original Wordle made with my list; some bits were trimmed off when I printed it out for the postcard.  The little, tiny, unreadable words are the names of continents, countries.  I decided it was right that they should matter so little.)

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