Sunday, February 23, 2014

Round Dance

Round Dance

Colonization, who invited you anyway?
Clumsy bastard.  You keep stepping on my sovereignty.
That musty smallpox blanket around your shoulders
makes you look like White Guilt in drag.
And what do you call that move, the Hegemonic Hop?
Please keep your heteropatriarchy zipped up,
tell your evil twin Genocide to fuck off,
stop waving your Assimilation at the ladies.
Don’t ask the DJ to play Historical Trauma over
and over like a broken treaty.  Colonization,
you crashed our party, dude.  Don’t look
so surprised when the bouncers
show up.

- Deborah A. Miranda

Scholar Dian Million (Tanana Athabascan) said something at the Critical Ethnic Studies Association conference awhile back that has stayed with me:  “We dance with power, and this is most certainly the big dance, you can really see what colonization has done to our communities; we continue to dance with power, continue to dance with both the terms of our colonization in the past and what it produces now.” I kept thinking about writing a poem called "Dancing with Colonization."  I tried several different ways to write it.  I'm sure this is not the final version.  But I saw Dian again at this past week's Indigenous Book Festival in Albuquerque and remembered the quote.  Nothing like a long flight home to work on a short poem!

His name is Kohaiya and his parents let him pick out one book.
Me & Jennifer Denetdale

Amy Lonetree, Myla Vicenti Carpio and Waziyatawin


Dian Million
Waiting for the shuttle back to our hotel from U New Mexico campus - beautiful afternoon light.

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