Saturday, August 16, 2014

“When the sun dies we will become one” – Ruth Stone

 “When the sun dies we will become one” – Ruth Stone
(for T.J. and Ben)

but isn’t that a long time to wait for global unity,
for peace?  And who says obliteration is peace, anyway?

Ruth, this metaphysical observation is smooth as snake-oil,
with about as much comfort.  You offer it to us like a big slice

of the Hope Pie, or maybe even as revenge - see, corporate
profiteers, those soul-less mercenaries will end up just another

ingredient in the cosmic soup, lose everything (then) as we
have lost everything (now) – doesn’t that ease our hearts

as we mourn the child gunned down for walking while Black,
doesn’t that soothe the lacerations of legalized rape?  Doesn’t that

take the sting out of "which one of you's the man"?  “Look to the Future”
you sing,  but now I know that you knew faith wasn’t a promise

you could keep, that you understood simplicity better than I:
fucked-up human beings will always fuck over their own.  You end

with the ugly return of crows, those unscrupulous carrion-eaters,
so we will know that winning means waking up each day still alive,

not yet a corpse to be picked, not yet.  And that hope is a pie
thrown in someone’s face to make them laugh at fear.

Deborah A. Miranda

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