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Indigenous Physics: The Element Colonizatium

--> Indigenous Physics: The Element Colonizatium

   The elimination of a substance from a living organism  
follows complex chemical kinetics.
For example, the biological half-life
of water in a human being
is 9 to 10 days, with adjustments
for behavior and temperature.
A quantity of carbon-14 will decay
to half of its original amount after 5,730 years.
After another 5,730 years,
one-quarter of the original will remain.
And so on.

Obviously, the half-life of a substance
depends upon the substance itself –
measure for toxicity, fierceness, sheer venom.
The research at hand for us today, then, is clear:
what is the half-life of Colonizatium? 
Does Colonizatium reduce to half
its initial impact in 500 years?
In 1000 years?
At what point
does Colonizatium become unstable?
Is the half-life of Colonizatium constant over the lifetime
of an exponentially decaying
Indigenous body?

   To quote a famous Indigenous physicist, sometimes there are complications.

The decay of a mixture of two or more materials,
which each decay exponentially but with different half-lives,
is not exponential.
Take nuclear waste.
Imagine a mixture of a rapidly decaying element A,
with a speedy half-life of 1 second, 
and more gradual decaying element B,
with a half-life of 1 year.
In minutes, almost all atoms of element A will have decayed
after repeated reductions by half, but
very few of the atoms of element B will have done so,
as only a small percentage of its half-life has elapsed. Thus,
the time taken for such a mixture to fall to half its original value
cannot be easily calculated.

The element Colonizatium is much like nuclear waste:
an unequal mixture of toxic events
with wildly different half-lives.
Start with invasion, war, starvation, rape, murder-
Indian boarding schools, reservations, outlawed religion,
Include an on-going bombardment of toxic events
over a period of decades:
termination, adopting-out, domestic violence, poverty,
substance addiction, incarceration rates, diabetes,
blood quantum debates, history books, mascots,
white shamanism, fake ndns,
A periodic table of traumatic elements.

   Given the difficulties
in determining the half-life of Colonizatium,
we might argue the necessity of redirecting
our efforts into other
more profitable calculations. 
despite the probalistic nature of the inquiry,
this as-yet-undiscovered formula
is thought to be paramount for our research
into a chronological prediction
of the Post-Colonial state. Recent studies
indicate that the mixing of elements in unequal toxicities
and immeasurable psycho-social dynamics may best be gauged
not in mathematics
or statistics
or theoretical constructs,

but in the three Indigenous elements
Story, Dance, and Song.

In other words,
Deep Science of a pre-Colonial origin
such as
formulas and algorithms encoded
within ceremonial circles, drums or clappersticks,
the spiraled helix notes of song,
diagrams of precise footsteps
on discrete portions of empowered earth;
stories plotted like fractal geometry,
the patterned asterisms of stars,
chemical kinetics hammered out
on the bodies of rocks.

Key to such explorations –
the re-discovery
of a fourth Indigenous element:
Dreaming –

a component long rumored to exist but considered lost,
or perhaps simple fantasy.
It is neither.

Preliminary work that combines Dreaming
with the three known elements
reveals two astonishing facts:
First) a Post-colonizatium status is, in fact,
impossible to achieve.
Second) Story, Dance, Song and Dreaming
do not calculate nor predict
the half-life of Colonizatium.
when applied to the Colonized subject,
these four elements
hasten decay of Colonizatium,
pull the heavy history into themselves,
break it down
the same way maize, mustard greens, pennycress,
sunflowers, Blue sheep fescue, and canola plants
transform heavy metals.
The same way water hyacinths suck up mercury, lead, cadmium,
zinc, cesium, strontium-90, uranium and pesticides,
the same way Bladder campion accumulates copper,
Indian mustard greens concentrate selenium, sulphur, chromium.  
The same way the willow tree, Salix viminalis
absorbs uranium and petrochemicals.
And –
once the willow’s bio-mass concentrates the heavy metals,
once Story, Dance, Song and Dreaming do their work,
the willow rods should be woven
into baskets
in what might be called
a miraculous exponential,
were we not, of course, privy to the facts.

We must revise our aim, therefore, toward rapid
decay of Colonizatium,
or, De-Colonization.

   Start with Story.
Work your way


Deborah A. Miranda

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