Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Searching for Sanctuary

Old Coyote said
this is what’s on my mind:
set the world on fire,
start a bloody feud.
It wouldn’t be illegal.

After the buffalo there is no history,
he said.
I’ve lost all the fucks I have to give.
Taking down a statue does not erase the past.
Just listen:
that alone is reason to get up and try again tomorrow.

Your responsibility as a storyteller?
This is what it looks like:
marks of silence and displacement crossing generations,
purple sages for bees and magenta Buddleia to attract butterflies,
birds spilling across the clouds.

I stole that, he said,
from the inside out –
just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar.

Found an outdoor altar, Old Coyote said.
A good thing.
I held it in my hands.
So fucking beautiful,
I had to avert my eyes.

Humans invent the divine,
he said: Can’t take it out of them
when it is that deep.
If you thought I was fierce,
they are still in the fight;
a threshold people,
so damn mad.

No excuses:
there is no more history
until we meet again.
Catch me;
sing a song to a child you love.
Perhaps tomorrow will be a good day.
I’ll be there.
What’s on your mind?

I'm still writing a poem a day - since April 1st.  Not so long in the grand scheme of things. But sometimes at the end of the day, I run out of steam, and haven't written anything. Today was one of those days.

So I trolled my Facebook page and started typing up lines that struck me as interesting; I chose randomly, going back several days, until I had about 40 lines.  I triple-spaced the typed lines, printed, cut them into strips, and laid them all out on a table.  From there, it was a matter of moving the lines around for about 30 minutes.  Margo put together a couple of lines for me (it was hard to keep her away!). In the end, I massaged a few places where a line needed some help to actually fit, but the final result is mostly as I took the lines from FB.  

Maybe you'll recognize your line here!  If so, thank you. I needed a little inspiration. 

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