Thursday, June 1, 2017

Covfefe Nation

It buzzes the room but we can’t
locate its bizarrely fixed wings
or zigzag exoskeleton gymnastics –

we just hear buzz buzz
buzz from behind us, angry thwacks
in the dusty corner, sputtering against

cracked, glazed windows; we can’t
track the hard, emerald body whizzing
past our faces as we gasp

and lurch and trip, our gaze
racketing off the plaster
walls, always one step behind

in a maze we can’t follow –
zing! just beyond our fingertips,
a crazed loop-de-loop form,

barnstormer refusing to land,
a berserker on high, humming
the brazen hymns of a zealot

who doesn’t have the balls
to lay down and surrender
or just
it up.

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