Thursday, February 8, 2018

Priests who served at Mission San Carlos

I'm playing around with a timeline here, trying to lay out which priests were serving at Carmel (and sometimes Monterey) during the different stories Isabel Meadows tells.  This is a quick and dirty timeline that no one should take as absolute; although the timeline allows for months, I did not always use the exact months of a priest's tenure, settling for the year dates that are often given in the materials I have at hand.  Someday this might be a thing.  Right now, it's a curiosity.  I like the zoom in/out function, though I wish I could also print this out.  Working on that.

Knowing which priest was where is important to many of Isabel's stories; it gives further context, and often the "padre" figures in the background of a story in significant ways, but Isabel sometimes leaves (or doesn't know) the padre's name.  This will help me make those connections.

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