Wednesday, March 26, 2014




Hello, little crescent moon.

Good morning icy March wind.

Good morning house wren’s sharp trill

in a sleepy indigo sky.

Good morning oak branches

pointing out directions.

Are you all here to remind

one lost Indian woman to ask

for help from the Ancestors?

Yes, I have forgotten again.

Yes, I went to sleep last night

thinking I was forgotten.

Good morning cold air

bathing me like a newborn.

Good morning sun whose steady approach

pushes indigo to robin’s egg.

Good morning, Ancestors whose spirits

watched over me last night, my body

curled in a child’s vast sorrow.

Saleki asatsa.  I’m here at last.  I’m

here again.  Saleki asatsa, matsa. 

Saleki asatsa, ashi. 


                        Deborah Miranda

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  1. Beautiful reminder that we need not walk alone. Thanks! <3


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