Saturday, September 2, 2017

Long Distance

Long Distance

I saw the first firefly
of the season tonight;
wanted to tell you.

The sky is an oceanic
shade of indigo, Jupiter
pierces the canopy

like a jewel; I wanted
to show it to you. Human
comes from humus;

Adam means earth.
Six elements make up
almost 99 percent

of the human body’s
mass: oxygen, carbon,
hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium

and phosphorus. All
of these elements –
dear to creation

 – make up the earth’s
body as well.  This means
we are dirt, my friend.

This means if I put my palm
flat against this soil,
you will feel my touch

thousands of miles away.
Thin webs of love stretch
across a continent: no

such thing as absence.
Wherever you are, let
your fingers stroke red clay,

black mud, gray dust.
Home is that close.
Meet me there.

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