Friday, February 20, 2015

What I'm doing in California this week

Yesterday I flew from Virginia to Oakland, from a 7 degree morning to a 55 degree evening, from east coast to west coast. 

I'm here in California for the week (my university has a "February Break") to attend a Heyday "think tank" gathering on California Missions from an Indigenous perspective - be sure to order your copy of the latest News From Native California, which is a special issue, "Surviving the Missions" - click on the link to see a list of articles, poetry and news ... this is a phenomenal collection that is going to sell out fast...

and to give a reading at UC Santa Barbara, where Bad Indians is being featured in 200-student seminar this semester ...

and finally, to speak at UC Davis for their Social Justice Initiative Mellon Project event, "Indigenous Performativities"  along with the brilliant Alice Te Punga Somerville (Māori)!

 Margo and I are enjoying a respite from the 7 degree weather we left in Virginia.  Heyday has put us up at the lovely Berkeley Marina, and we spent this morning roaming the hills of Cesar Chavez Park above San Francisco Bay.  
The Queen of California surveys her domain...

Walks With Egret

NOT Virginia anymore!

...And dang happy about it.  What? No seven layers of clothing to go outside?!


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