Sunday, April 5, 2015



The stone hour
hit close to home.
We would murder
the different.

At a cross-roads
is a complaint,
a grievance;
Spring events
that handle their own
formation of a violation.

Trust chose not to hear.

A sense of wisdom
has to search 
many a summer
to have one, 
one individual 
that deserves
gray times,
times coming down
with such reality.

Not even a kick,
a murder -
and so 
be different.

Deborah A. Miranda
Any Inconvenience Not Recommended

Up ahead was one
of the two, trying
to call for help.
Didn't get through.  
        Do you think you could?
Not likely.  Why?
        It's hard.
Nearby, horrified
and crazed
with grief.
Just behind, 
just over the edge:
a door.

Margo Solod

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