Wednesday, April 8, 2015


the more I live and breathe

Every family has to skip

many kinds of characters. 

Any character can bring

words and speculate:

what isn’t said

isn’t recorded.

Two worlds tease

the story

of Tribal thoughts

from memory.

Sometimes monologue,

sometimes conversations

or what I imagine to be

true writing,


by Deborah A. Miranda

PersonalBest/My Fresh Idea

Reclaim heavy:
some killed 
a familiar.
I made hardly
a fit challenge,
but cherish
the good
only once.
remember  -
because tiny
as a child
that negativity
as sharp
as before -
now harsh words.
help us.
this prayer:
grace-filled plums
and pig fat
honor the rest.  

Margo Solod

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